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 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
Psychotherapy for Adult, Adolescents and Children
Is your life or that of your child not going as well as you would like it to in at least one area?
Psychotherapy can be very helpful in identifying the obstacles that are in the way of life being all that one wants for her/himself or that of one’s child . I have been working as a psychotherapist since 1986 and have accumulated a great deal of experience with a variety of psychological issues. I offer treatment for anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, coping with an illness in yourself or a loved one, life transitions, social difficulties, empty nest, work problems or career issues, and finding direction in one’s life.
If you are a parent, I offer individual parenting guidance and/or work directly with your child or teen. My child and adolescent work includes difficulties such as peer relationships, stress, learning issues and lack of organization, anxiety and depression, consequences of divorce or death of a parent, listening and following parental rules and shyness.
Because I feel it is so important that you find the therapist who is the right match for you, if you decide not to return for a second session, I will not charge you for the initial visit.
service-icon   Services
adult-icon ADULT Psychotherapy
Anxiety and Depression.
Relationship Difficulties.
Coping With Illness in Yourself or a Loved One.
Life Transitions.
Social Difficulties.
Work or Career Issues.
Postpartum depression.
First Time Mom/Parent.
adolescence-icon ADOLESCENT Psychotherapy
Anxiety and Depression.
Peer Relationships and social anxiety/shyness
Developmental Lags
Divorce or Death of a Parent/family member
Compliance With Parental Authority
children-icon CHILD Psychotherapy
Depression, Anxiety and Mood Changes.
Peer relationships and social anxiety/shyness.
Developmental Lags.
Divorce or death of a parent.
Compliance With Parental Authority
Parent Consultation.
Divorce or death of a parent
Sally Hackman, Ph.D., MFT
522 16th Street, Santa Monica, California 90402
Phone: 3104513373
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