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 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
 Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd  Sally Hackman Phd
ADULT Psychotherapy
Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression are often looked at as two sides of the same coin and many people experience them together. Sometimes it has been an on-going problem or the feelings are in reaction to a specific life stressor, i.e. the loss or illness of a loved one, your own illness, divorce, loss of a job or career, etc. With mild to severe depression and/or anxiety, it is very helpful to have a caring, yet objective person who is trained to help you work things through, even if you are already taking medication.
Relationship Difficulties: I work with all kinds of couples, including romantic couples, friendships, siblings, and parents and adult children. I also help individuals who find themselves having the same types of problems in one relationship after another,or are having difficulty finding a relationship or ending. Difficulty finding or ending a relationship.
Coping With Illness in Yourself or a Loved One: When one member of a family has medical issues it impacts the whole family emotionally and practically in different ways. Illness itself or the treatment may cause depression/anxiety, or, at the very least, acute or chronic illness can put one at higher risk for anxiety and depression.
Life Transitions: These include transitions from full-time parenting to work and visa versa, from a single life to marriage or co-habitation, from school into the workplace, empty nest, retirement, divorce, becoming a parent and so on.
Social Difficulties: This can be problems in the workplace, with friends, making friends or being in large groups if the problem impacts your functioning or well-being.
Work or Career Issues: Relationships with bosses, employees, and co-workers, difficulty succeeding in your career and problems finding the right career are just some of the issues I treat.
ADOLESCENT Psychotherapy
Depression, Anxiety and Mood Changes: normal adolescent feelings or something more?
Peer relationships and social anxiety/shyness
School problems: learning issues, under-achieving, poor organizational skills, lack of motivation
Developmental Lags: Is your adolescent socially or emotionally immature?
Compliance with authority: parents, school and community
Divorce or death of a parent
Illness, illness in a parent or sibling
CHILD Psychotherapy
Anxiety and Depression: depression in particular can look quite different in children, sometimes showing itself as hyperactivity, change in grades or, in young children, loss of developmental gains
Peer Relationships and social anxiety/shyness
School: behavior, learning difficulties. under-achieving, poor organizational skills, lack of motivation
Developmental Lags: Is your child? socially or emotionally immature?
Is your child socially, emotionally or behaviorally immature?
Divorce or Death of a Parent/family member
Illness: hospitalization, medical procedures, loss of capacity, or a parent’s or family member’s illness
Compliance With Parental Authority
Parent Consultation: from pregnancy through adolescence, the pre-college process through beginning college, transitioning to a good (yet different) relationship with your adult child
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